About Us

Founded in 1980., the Winding River Players  (WRP) is the oldest nonprofit, Community Theatre Group in Bradford County.

In August 2001, the Winding River Players began a major reorganization to reemphasize and refocus our vision and mission to bring quality Theatre to the people of our area.


  • To become a successful and valued semi-professional, non-profit, regional theatre ensemble
  • To be recognized and sought out for the excellence of our productions
  • To commit to the furtherance of the Theatre Arts by promotion and education
  • To obtain a space of our own for our productions and the running of our business


  • To bring quality semi-professional theatre to the peoples of Northeast Pennsylvania and Southern New York
  • To promote the value of the performing arts among its peoples by example, education and self-sustained growth through our productions, subscribers and other sources of funding


The business of theatre is theatre. But to be successful, theatre must be run as a business. We believe a careful blend and balance of the two must be implemented for the benefit of the organization.

To implement the above, WRP has formed an Ensemble Company and is working to offer a fixed season that will include performances at the Keystone Theater, Towanda, Pa., The Sayre Theater, Sayre, Pa., a Dinner Theatre and a Children's show at the Keystone.

WRP is managed by a Board of Directors that is dedicated to the fulfillment of our Vision and Mission.The Winding River Players maintains an email "Hot List" for anyone wishing advance notice of auditions, business meetings or other issues pertaining to the group. In addition to the Hot List, WRP maintains a website at http://www.wrplayer.org.

The Winding River Players Ensemble Company draws its members from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania and the adjoining counties of New York. We are united by a love of good Theatre and are committed to bringing the best productions possible to our audience. The “Company” is the "theatre-piece" of our organization and consists of dedicated amateur and semi-professional theatre people from our area. There are no dues or fees for membership. Membership is conferred and maintained by participation. Winding River Players does not discriminate in any form.

WRP does traveling theatre and has provided an evening's entertainment and benefits for some very worthy community organizations such as

  • The Keystone Theater
  • The Endless Mountains Regional Council of the Arts
  • The Barclay Friends School
  • First United Methodist Church of Towanda
  • The HCJB Mission Group
  • Waverly American Legion
  • Waverly Chapter of the American Red Cross
  • Stray Haven Animal Shelter and Humane Society
  • Towanda Memorial Hospital

Winding River Players encourages and promotes Theatre for our young people by sponsoring Theatre workshops, volunteering our expertise to assist in their School’s productions, and by encouraging their participation in our productions and by offering to a graduating Senior from Bradford County an annual competitive award for meritorious participation in the Theatre Arts.

We thank you for showing an interest in us and cordially invite you to join us in our efforts to bring quality Theatre to the people of our area.

WRP Board

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